Finalization meeting held for “Building Safe and Resilient Communities” project phase I

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Finalization meeting held for “Building Safe and Resilient Communities” project phase I


Finalization meeting held for “Building Safe and Resilient Communities” project phase I

By the initiative of the Azerbaijan Red Crescent Society (AzRC) Disaster Preparedness and Response department and with participation of the AzRC Headquarters staff and partner organizations (the Ministry of Emergencies (MoE), ICRC Delegation, IoM, Azerbaijan International Development Agency (AIDA) created at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs) the meeting was held on 25 January 2016, due to the finalisation the first phase of the Building Safe and Resilient Communities (BSRC) project.

At the beginning of the meeting Counsellor of the President of the AzRC/Coordinator of the project Elshan Salimzadeh welcomed participants and noted that the project successfully started and finalised, one of the reasons being the close cooperation with partners and their support to the project.

The AzRC SG Jeyhun Mirzayev called the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Ministry of Emergencies as important step and underlined that this step plays necessary role while establishing strong and safe communities. Disaster Preparedness and Response, creation of strong and resilient communities is also one of the main directions within the AzRC Strategic Plan recently developed for period 2016-2020.

Project Manager Farid Seyidzadeh then gave detailed information about whole project since the beginning till the end. The main purpose of the project carried out in Ismayilli district (Tazakend, Diyalli, Tirjan, Kurdmashi villages) and Qusar district (Anikh and Kuzun villages) is to contribute to sustainable development and poverty reduction by increasing resilience of population living in areas most prone to and affected by natural hazards .  As result community groups were created, several training sessions, events (First Aid, simulation exercises ), meetings and small mitigation projects carried out and plans developed. One of the activities was mapping the risks at the covered regions. As result Family Emergency Plans have been worked out in order to ensure preparedness of the families towards disasters. At the end the project manager gave an outlook on the second phase of BSRC during 2016-2018.

The Head of Division of organising work at the Civil Defence Forces and Supporting Groups at the Ministry of Emergencies, Mr. Farhad Samedov, first expressed his gratitude for inviting him at this event  and in his turn mentioned that in each emergency situation preparedness of the people is more important than technical preparedness as usually they first are facing with the situation. The special attention should be given to non-working category of population (elderly people, children). When the emergency situation occurs it is not only the responsibility of the government structures to support, but population also with their correct input into the process might help to eliminate created situation. Correct behaviour of the people in emergency situation, their stable psychological condition meaning no panic during the process can support to quickly overcome occured situation.

IOM-Programme Assistant, Mr. Ilyas Nabiyev, and Head of AIDA Department on Humanitarian issues, Mr. Etibar Kerimov, told that they were glad to take part at the event devoted to the presentation of the results of carried out project and expressed their readiness to continue cooperation with AzRC and provide support. The representatives mentioned that the project plays an important role  in prevention of the emergency situation and its consequences.