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Georgia. Kakheti region (Sagarejo and Telavi communities). 04.06.2013



Main successes achieved through vulnerability and capacity assessments (VCA) and roundtable meetings organised by Georgia Red Cross Society.

 On the 1st of December, 2012 Disaster Risk Reduction Project started in Sagarejo and Telavi, which is in the Kakheti region of Georgia. As a first step it was decided to conduct assessments of vulnerabilities and capacities of above-mentioned communities. All together 38 selected community volunteers have been guided how to conduct interviews with local community members in order to receive proper information about their perception of main risks and ways to overcome these difficulties.

Around 30% of each local community members have been actively involved in the assessments and a lot of useful ideas and recommendations have been raised.

Community volunteers together with Georgia Red Cross Society staff analysed received information which was shared during roundtable meetings among local governments, fire and rescue services, local nongovernment organizations (NGOs), teachers, etc. During discussions different solutions for problems which had been identified by local communities were presented. These solutions have been taken into consideration by local authorities and they will allocate funds from their local budget to support the local communities in dealing with natural disasters.

Besides, due to the fact that there is lack of people who work in communities during natural disasters, local authorities expressed their wish to involve selected and skilled community volunteers not only in Sagarejo and Telavi but also in other places where disasters are often happening. 

During roundtable meeting Head of Council said: “as this information is received from local community members, we will start working on solution of their problems and we will find enough funds to support them and if necessary we will even refer to the central government. I also want to thank you for establishing community volunteer teams as they will help our fire and rescue brigades and local responsible authorities in supporting local community members”.