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About Us

The Armenian Red Cross Society (ARCS) is a humanitarian organisation established in 1920 with the mission to reduce vulnerability of the population through mobilisation of the power of humanity, through its auxiliary role to the Government. ARCS operates through its national headquarters in Yerevan and its local branches. ARCS is an active member of the DRR National Platform Advisory Committee and is involved in several thematic groups established within the Platform.

The DRR programmes (Building Safe and Resilient Communities as well as Dipcho IV) aim at further strengthening the conceptual understanding and capacities of ARCS in DRR as well as at achieving safer and more resilient communities. This is being done through strengthening ARCS HQ and branch’s DRR capacities, improving coordination and collaboration with different state and non-state actors as well as including staff and volunteers in community based initiatives. In order to make communities more resilient skills and capacity are being developed to undertake activities at the local level with an emphasis on households, most vulnerable groups, schools and links with local authorities. Community active civil society is being mobilized and encouraged to deal with DRR issues and be involved in preparedness and prevention measures. Similarly, the government agencies and NGOs engaged in DRR do benefit through active knowledge sharing and networking.

The projects also aim at strengthening network and knowledge sharing between South Caucasus National Societies, so that better approaches in DRR are shared and scaled up throughout the region.

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Who we are

Sergey Sahakyan - Head of Disaster Management Dept./Project

Narek Khachatryan - BSRC Project

Sergey Gevorgyan - DIPECHO Project Coordinator -

Ashot Boyakhchyan - DIPECHO, Shirak regional project coordinator

Vladimir Karadjian - ARCS Lori regional branch, Executive Director, BSRC Project Regional Coordinator in 

Ashot Karapetyan - ARCS Stepanavan territorial branch, BSRC Project Regional Coordinator in

Edward KhachatryanARCS Driver, Project Logistics/Driver 

Armenian Red Cross Society