Welcome to the regional Red Cross/Red Crescent DRR-South Caucasus website!

This regional Red Cross/Red Crescent DRR website was designed within the “Building Safe and Resilient Communities” programme (with funding from the Austrian Development Cooperation and Austrian Red Cross) with the purpose to reflect all Red Cross/Red Crescent efforts in the sphere of Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Disaster Preparedness (DP) in the three South Caucasus countries with their relevant implementing partners Armenian and Georgia Red Cross as well as Azerbaijan Red Crescent Societies. It is therefore not meant to distinguish between different programmes and donors, but rather highlight common strategies and activities and point out synergies between programmes and countries.

With the two regional programmes “Building Resilient Local Communities in Georgia and Armenia” (DIPECHO funded and Danish Red Cross led) and “Building Safe and Resilient Communities in South Caucasus” (with funding from Austrian Development Cooperation and Austrian Red Cross led) being the lead programmes in the region, the relevant Red Cross and Red Crescent societies in the countries have multiple partnerships with other actors and stakeholders in their countries, also outside the Red Cross/Red Crescent Movement. All of their interventions and actions are actually complementing each other, on local, regional, national and regional level.

This website should therefore introduce the Red Cross/Red Crescent implementing partners, the different DRR activities being implemented, latest news from specific events/activities carried out on country and regional level, present success stories and publications from the region as well as important documents developed with the programmes, links to media publications and other relevant stakeholders and reports.

Should you have any questions, comments or recommendations, feel free to use to contact us in the relevant countries or through the contact form provided on this website!


Mads Østergaard - Danish RC Country Coordinator / Armenia, Georgia: maost@rodekors.dk

Michael Grabner - Austrian RC Regional Representative: michael.grabner@redcross.at